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Happy Holidays From Clonmel Castle.
Closed Until Spring. Contact Us In The Spring

Welcome to the most prestigious and elegant home in Norfolk County; Clonmel Castle.

I came to know that Clonmel even existed via a “dream”, that informed me that “the home I was looking for was in Dover”.
As a Widow of about 5 years at that time, I was ready to “fall” in love again, and along came Clonmel.
Most people are aware of Port Dover and the famous Perch Dinners, but not “Dover”! the historical village. I have met people in Port Dover that never new of this near secret conclave.
Little did I know at the time that the magical Dover Valley, with the Lynn River and Falls, an absolutely an incredible story!
The Clonmel storey includes Pirates, Bank Moguls, mysterious treasure troves, and the burning of the White House! * (See below exciting news from Mark Cannon who is writing about the history of Clonmel with a little bit of my story thrown in for drama:)

After the dream I looked up what was for sale in “Dover” there she was…Clonmel … 150 Prospect Street. It truly was love at first sight, as it is for most people chancing upon Clonmel.
I didn’t look further, I purchased Clonmel…and moved in shortly thereafter.
I arrived at Clonmel (a retired widow with $200,000 in my back pocket), in April 2016, as the new Chatelaine of Clonmel Castle.
Clonmel was in dire straits; she had been for sale for over 5 years and left in a run-down mechanically challenged state.
As the brave Scottish lass that I am, I dug in, and over the last 66 months, every penny earned, when back into “her” restoration. Covid gave me the opportunity to get the more intense and mechanical projects completed.

Clonmel Castle is now a completely restored and updated property.
The Castle is hurricane, tornado and fire proof, “NATCO” construction which was made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, designer, writer and educator. All the original drawings, engineering documents and history, remain in the house for anyone to peruse. Clonmel can now boast a new back up high efficiency furnace supporting the famous “Iron Lady” Peggy Sue, new plumbing and bathrooms, rebuild brick work and stone work, new roof, electrical wiring and panel, air conditioning, live fire safety alarms and cameras and security system, new kitchens and kitchenettes, fireplaces, literally every inch has been revitalized; hence Clonmel is even better today than when she was first build over a four year period in 1929-1934!

Much like the old Hibiscus tree that still stands guard from the top of Prospect Hill.. Clonmel is going to be here for centuries to come.

Sincerely… Lynneee

Mark Cannon writes: *With the second book of the Legacy Trilogy, Guardian, coming out tomorrow, and the final instalment, Absolution, heading off for the publication process soon, I can continue working on a dramatic series based on the history of Clonmel Castle in Port Dover, Ontario. Since the new owner, Lynda Steffler, took control of the castle, she has made six suites in the building available to rent out to weary travelers from all over the country. Because of the level of interest in the castle, Lynda is considering having the units converted into condos sometime in the future – with the possibility of building an additional 12 townhouse style condos on its beautiful piece of property. The castle was once home to Harry Barrett and his extended family. Built in 1929, it has a rich history, and I will be tracing their ancestry over 150 years into the past for inspiration in creating the new series. The title is still undecided. markjcannon.net
Pirates, farmers, and bankers, along with the Industrial Revolution, and captains of industry will all contribute to the drama, action, romance, and heartache the stories bring. The history is amazing, starting with Lynda’s challenges over the last five years since buying Clonmel Castle. What brought her to this place at a difficult time in her life is a story of perseverance and courage. And it only gets more fascinating when discovering her connections to the castle and its past. It will take a long time to learn everything associated with Clonmel, but the series for the story will start as each discovery arises. I have come to know Lynda as a warm and charming woman with a life story that is unbelievable. It has been a great time getting close to her as this project evolves. And I hope the story based on Clonmel Castle raises everyone’s interest in its history, and joy in what the series will bring.
More information to come! In the meantime, check out Clonmel Castle at https://www.facebook.com/Clonmelcastleportdover/

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